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gransport67 27-12-2013 14:33

1951 Vespa Allstate 788-100
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I just picked up this 51 Allstate. This is one of the first 1000 Allstates sold in 1951 in the US. With 400 range serial number it is the oldest one I have been able to find.

I just started a VS4 restoration and this one will follow. It is actually very nicely preserved with several layers of housepaint on it. While ugly there is almost no rust and it appears pretty straight. Fortunately it came with 2 correct NOS aluminum side cowls and nice aluminum front fender, which isn't on the bike yet.

The mystery with this one is the engine. It is a VAN1M prefix engine and the registration papers from the early 60's show this engine in the scooter? There is little info on the web about this engine. From what I can tell they were installed in 1952/1953 timeframe?

I would like to create a registry with other 788-100 owners and share details. If anyone has one of these rare scooters or knows someone who does, please contact me.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:32

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ิhe restoration has officially started. I spent a day last week tearing the scooter down in preparation for sandblasting. From what I can tell this thing had the original paint stripped off it and then was painted red, white, and finally black. The paint is so think on it that you can flake it off with your finger nail. The good news is that it preserved the body and there are no rust issues to deal with. I was lucky to find the original Allstate Green under the carb door tag. Anyone know the original paint code for this color? If I can't get the original paint code I will buff out that area and have it scanned.

The 2 cowls I got with it are NOS and nearly perfect. One very small dent to deal with only. These still have the original Piaggio stickers on the inside stuck to the oxide primer. The front fender on the bike will be scrapped. I have a nice original aluminum fender that is straight but has some extra holes in it from previously having a mud guard attached. I will weld those up and be good to go.

The previous front fender was very bent and I made the fork look like it might be bent. In removing the fork it appears straight so that is a relief.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:33

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Some detail shots of the uber rare "Chevron" Allstate badge. I plan to have this restored over the winter. There are companies that restore these old enamel badges. It isn't cheap but given the rarity is worth it.

The carburator door Allstate Tag had some over spray on it. I scrapped quite a bit off and it looks better. These are pain to repaint and restore. I may keep it as is.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:35

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the van1m engine is from 1955 model 788.94490, the muffler mount is consistent with a mid 50's scooter and not an early long pipe muffler. Here is a photo of the engine after a good cleaning. The crank case had petrified oil in it. The carb was mucked up and the keyway on the flywheel was screwed up. After fixing everything it fired up and actually ran great! Here it is in a homemade engine stand.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:37

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I got the body back from the sandblaster. With so many layers of paint you wonder what surprises you will find when you see it in bare metal. All considered it is in decent shape. Some dents to work through, but no serious rust issues. Note the aluminum horncast. Going to spray on some primer so it doesn't rust while it awaits the painter.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:38

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Here is an "after" photo of my restored allstate badge. Believe it or not this was done without re-enameling or chrome plating. The scratches were polished out of the enamel and the metal was micro polished. Needless to say I am thrilled with the results.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:39

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This restored 788-100 is the inspiration behind my restoration. I hope to match the quality of this restoration with mine.

I have started a registry of 788-100s and have identified 6 others. I would be very interested in any information on other 788-100's that are out there.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:41

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A few detail shots of the restored badge. It looks better than new and was not re-chromed or re-enameled.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:41

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Picked up a couple new old stock Allstate tires for this scooter.

gransport67 27-12-2013 15:43

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A few updates. Body work and paint are underway. Using PPG single stage Allstate green for the paint.

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